Once upon a time, there was a girl. She grew up in a little town in Kansas. In high school, she met the boy of her dreams. She married that boy and he would grow up to be the man of her dreams.

This blog is written by that man.

My name is Ande Davis, and I started this blog after my wife became pregnant with our first child, Squatch. I kept writing it because of Newton’s first law of motion.

I dragged my wife to the Middle of Nowhere, Oklahoma, to take a job teaching English at a community college. Somehow, this didn’t cause her to leave me. Yet.

Luckily, I got a job in Missouri, about an hour from our families, and we moved there in 2012. With a newborn baby. Yeah, we’re those people now. I taught there for a couple years, then decided it was time for another change—because what would toddlers like more than change, after all? So I start working on my PhD in the fall of 2014 and hanging out with the Squatch during the day.

This blog is about how my wife deserves better than me, about the screaming poop machine that entered our lives, about trying to keep our shit together in the tiny town we never thought we’d live in, about surviving that tiny town, about leaving that tiny town, about the baby that’s growing way too fast (especially his feet), and about poop.

And robots. There will probably be talk of robots, too.

32 thoughts on “about

    • The point is you got here and blessed us with your presence. Meanwhile, I blame Squatch for having taken this long to respond. Hope you like the place. Don’t mind the mess. We’re slobs around here.

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  4. You are such a joy to read. Thanks for being so candid and for writing about your parenting woahs. I take comfort in the fact that I’m not alone in this road of parenting! Keep blogging! You have a gift!

  5. I have been laughing all through my reading of this! Congrats on making Freshly Pressed 🙂 I am a recent Pinterest user and I mostly collect pictures of things I want ito plant in my garden and needlework I admire. I know I will never get around to cooking more than a handful of the recipes I have pinned! I like to decorate cakes for our family birthdays and celebrations. Our dogs tend to eat chicken and steaks off the counter while we are setting the table. They have not gone for a cake yet. They did recently devour an entire package of soft tortillas off of the counter while we were at a kid’s sports event. All we found was the little tag clip and and a frayed remnant of the plastic bag. We gave them no sympathy when they had upset stomachs later in the day.

    • There was no sympathy in our house for the dog throwing all that cake up, either. She got what was coming to her. If she snagged stuff off the counter when I was in the kitchen, she’d be banished downstairs for quite a while.

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  9. I think I commented once under my former name, so I am glad to rediscover you again tonight!

  10. I’m new here to the WordPress community so I’m stalking the comment feed of blogs I follow to find new blogs to follow…

    I found you stalking The Waiting!

    I look forward to you being in my reader!


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