& get up, stand up

Adorable in stereo.

Adorable in stereo.

Did you know that babies learn things by themselves? Yeah, like without you teaching them a damn thing! I know, right?

See, I had this plan. Our kid is adorable. (That wasn’t part of the plan—it just happened.) We’d like him to stay an adorable little baby sasquatch instead of growing up into a big, smelly, hairy one. I don’t believe this is too much to ask. So my plan was to just not teach him things. If he doesn’t learn how to do all the big-people things, he’ll just stay a little people forever. Logic.

Well, turns out that plan can just go right into the crapper. Doesn’t matter what I do (or don’t do), that kid is just gonna figure it all out on his own. Dammit.

One of his newest tricks began last week. Squatch and I were hanging out, playing some stacking cups on the floor at home while Karli was at her exercise class. At one point he just scooted himself around, grabbed onto my pant leg and pulled himself right up. He sidled right on over to my head and started playing with my nose. Sorry that I didn’t get a picture of this—some things gotta be just for me.

You're gonna love what I'm working up for you.

You’re gonna love what I’m working up for you.

Of course, he proceeded to lay a pretty heavy stink bomb in his diaper that then required immediate attention. Don’t worry, Bloggy-verse—that one was just for me, too.

He’s been standing for a while, as long as he’s holding onto something. He started cruising around sideways on the furniture a little while back, too. He can even push around his little walker things for a little ways. The pulling up was a new thing, though. It caught me a little by surprise. I laid him down for bed and when Karli came home, I told her what he’d done. She poked her head in to check on him, and he was sitting up and trying to pull himself to standing again in his crib, which meant it was time to drop the mattress again. We put it on the lowest setting—Karli was a little sad about that—and now the top is right about at mouth-level. At least he won’t topple himself out, though. We weren’t ready for doing that, either.

Before I go, I’ll leave you with a little video I grabbed last night. He just wanted to stand up a bunch, and he pulled himself up like 17 times over the course of about an hour. This was the only video I got to turn out because he was using me to pull himself up again. At one point I set him farther away and he crawled over to me to pull himself up. I didn’t get good video of that because I might have been too busy keeping myself from crying. No, you’re the pussy. Shut up.


15 thoughts on “& get up, stand up

  1. I.love.that.video. I love when kids are unabashedly proud of themselves. And your post was very timely for me, as I have been thinking about the same thing in relation to my kids. I had a conference with my youngest’s preschool teacher this morning…my last preschool conference. He is almost finished with preschool. When did that happen? Damn it. It made me all philosophical and I jotted down some notes for a future blog post. At least we will have our virtual scrapbooks to look back on.

    • How are you even aware and typing, and not just some puddle of weeping mommy-goo huddled under the bed covers? You’re a stronger person than I am, I’ll tell you that much.

      • You mean you haven’t taken the parent-blogger course “How to Transform Your Puddle of Weeping Mommy/Daddy-Goo Into a Viral-Worthy Blog While Typing From Under Your Bed Covers”? Dude, you gotta get on that. You’re gonna need it. I’m pretty sure they are offering it during the Summer semester.

      • Crap. I was signed up for the “How to Scar Your Child for Life So You Have Something to Blog About” course and I don’t know if I have the time for two courses. Y’know—kid to screw up and all.

      • Ah, that is another core credential you need as well. I see your dilemma. But I guess The Bloggess didn’t build her empire in a day. Or maybe she did. Who knows. But you are wise to focus your energies in one place…really ace that screwing up your kid part. Unlike real school, you actually WILL use this stuff in real life.

  2. Oh man, I think that is so awesome. Why is it that I am proud when it’s not even my son? Odd. It is kind of cool to see Felix do what Jonah will do in such a short amount of time (I am assuming here, which makes me a bit of a hole). Can you believe how fast they grow up? Cool. I liked this, thanks.

    p.s. How old is he again?

    • Yeah, I look at some of the other bloggers whose babies are only a little older than mine and it’s a little like watching a tidal wave come at you in slow motion. I know what’s coming, and I’m pretty sure I’m absolutely not ready for it.

      He’s nine months as of last week. Still a young’un, but turning into an old-head with every passing day.

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