& a happy place

I know, I was gone for a minute there. It’s been a crazy and frustrating couple weeks around the Sasquatch household. A recap:

  • Squatch got his first cold.
  • I had a preliminary interview for a permanent version of the job I currently have a one-year contract for.
  • Squatch came down with an ear infection and another cold.
  • I had a day-long final interview for a permanent version of the job I currently have a one-year contract for.
  • Squatch caught a gastrointestinal virus that caused a good deal of stomach evacuation.
  • Squatch’s medicine for the ear infection gave him some wicked diarrhea.
  • We had to take Squatch into the doctor to make sure he wasn’t getting dehydrated. (He wasn’t.)
  • I failed to secure a permanent version of the job I currently have a one-year contract for.
  • We caught about a foot-or-so of snow over the last couple days.

It’s probably easy to understand how I neglected you, Bloggy-verse. With such a crappy couple weeks, only one thing could turn it around.



7 thoughts on “& a happy place

  1. Either he’s been nipping at Daddy’s merlot stash, or he’s a Mentat. Which is it?

    (Extra points for catching the nerd reference)


  2. These last few weeks can shove it. I’m glad he’s feeling better, but job stuff is so overrated. It looks like we will be strapping down for another year here as well. How’s about next year we all start our own college together? I will teach all the classes about how to check Facebook obsessively and ignore emails.

    Bouncy time looks pretty awesome. I love his little voice!

  3. What a horrible few weeks!

    Career advice from my boss – “Nobody ever retires saying ‘I wish I had spent less time with my kids and more time at work.’ this is just a job.” – I’m sure you have heard all sorts of similar placatory BS but I quite liked the quote.

    I hope the squatch is getting better.

    DD – I’d guess mentat, he is far too cute to be a navigator.

  4. Aw! Poor little man! :/ He at least seems to be totally digging life again now. I *totally* understand the ultra sick baby-ness lately. It’s been a rough few weeks over here with that kind of stuffs too.
    Lame about the job bit, too. Will they at least be able to do another one-year contract next year to see if they’ll want you permanently at that point?


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