& the wheels keep on turnin

I just can’t stop him. No matter what I do to deter it, Squatch just keeps getting older and bigger, turning from a baby into a little boy.

That rolling over thing? Conquered. A few months late, but as of a couple weeks ago, he’s flopping back-to-front, front-to-back, and spinning around in circles like Curly Howard:

Yeah, I know it's Homer Simpson. There wasn't a GIF of the Three Stooges original anywhere on the Google.

Yeah, I know it’s Homer Simpson. There wasn’t a GIF of the Three Stooges original anywhere on the Google.

On top of that, his hair’s starting to grow in, he’ll likely have teeth popping through any day now, and then—GREAT MERCIFUL CRAP—there’s this:

I’m doomed, I tells ya. Doomed. This doesn’t even show the best of it, where his knees jump up to his hands. He hasn’t figured out how to use his arms yet, but once he does, doomed.

What he has figured out, though, is moving backwards. He can inch his way across the floor, ass-first, sweeping up all the dog hair in the carpet along his path. I’m raising a regular rocket surgeon over here.

Dramatization. The part of Squatch will be played by "Terminally White Rays Fan."

Dramatization. The part of Squatch will be played by “Terminally White Rays Fan.”


6 thoughts on “& the wheels keep on turnin

  1. I am reliving my babies (who shudder when I call them that) started on that period of time. The look of concentration, the rocking, the exhaustion afterward. You can see it in his eyes he’s working this out, can’t you?

    Yeah, I second dorkdad (nice to meet you!), show me some baby face!!!

  2. I used bad grammar there ^^. It should read “….reliving WHEN my babies” only you don’t shout the when.

  3. Hooray! It will be so much fun, I promise! Him chasing you, him trying to get away when you chase him! Trust me, way more good comes with this step of growing. The walking part, that’s where you should be worried! 🙂

    And as for teeth, I swore Doodle was getting teeth “any day now” for months. MONTHS! He didn’t pop a single one out til he was thirteen months and three days. 🙂

    Also, I will third DorkDad’s motion for Squatch’s face. It’s too cute to not get in the video.

  4. I feel like almost every post I write about C is like “Hey, baby, SLOW DOWN.” It goes by way too fast. The wedding will be here next week, likely.

  5. Oh my gosh. How cute is he?? It goes by so fast. I felt like it took forever for mine to crawl, and now she can walk and climb up stairs, and I’m like, hey! Wait for me!!

    On the plus side, not too much longer until we can start educating them about the finer points of baseball. haha


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