& a half

Squatch is six months old. Ok, so technically Squatch was six months old about 12 days ago, but a) I’m a little procrastinate-y with the blog, and b) I was waiting for his doctor’s appointment to make him “officially” six months old. He’s gotta have that professional’s opinion before it counts, y’know.

So now that we’re on the other side of the sun from when he was born, let’s take a little look-see at where that kid has gotten to.

Facial hair? Check.

Facial hair? Check.

As previous photographic evidence has shown, the kid is sitting up on his own fairly well. Aside from grabbing stuff (like my beard and glasses), that’s about the extent of his tricks. He still hasn’t gotten the hang of that rolling-over thing. He can go from his stomach to his back every once in a while, but has yet to go the other way. No crawling or walking yet, either. Though that might happen before he figures out how to roll over at this rate. Not that I’m complaining. It just means we have a little longer where we can put him down, make a bottle, and he’ll be right there when we get back, screaming his damn head off for food. He’ll just never get into college. Sigh.

He is, however, a big dude. Our official doctor’s office measurements have him at:

Weight: 18 lbs., 5 oz. (63rd percentile)
Height: 27.95 in. (90th percentile)
Head Size: 18.11 in. (95th percentile)

Kid’s tall. With a big dome*. And his feet keep trucking right along, as well. At this rate, he’ll be taller than me by the third grade. No big deal.

*For the record, the tall is from Karli. The dome is from me.

One lovely little development is that he’s recently discovered screaming. Not the baby-cry screaming that we got accustomed to within his first few days. No, he’s figured out the method to do the ear-piercing shrieks that you hear starlets do in horror movies. It’s become his go-to sound for expressing anger, frustration, hunger, joy, boredom, satisfaction, interest, fear, and about everything else under the sun. Sometimes he screams just because he can. It’s a wonderful time to be in the Sasquatch household, I tell you what.

Another awesome new thing is his newfound distaste for naps. I think it goes without saying that Karli and I are big fans of naps. Not just his, either. We’re all-around proponents. So you can imagine how welcome this change has been in our house. He still sleeps, but not like he used to, for a couple hours at a stretch. Luckily, he still sleeps pretty well at night, but the daytime sleeping has gone way down. Come to think of it, this may be related to the screaming thing.

Not quite like Daddy's, but a nice beard nonetheless.

Not quite like Daddy’s, but a nice beard nonetheless. And how about that awesome crib head?

In the last week, we’ve also started giving him solid foods. Not like the mashed potatoes at Thanksgiving, but with actual regularity. He’s taking to it okay, but I’m not entirely sure how much is making it down versus how much of it he ends up wearing. It’s exciting to see him grow and develop—less exciting to see his poop do the same thing. We’re making his food, which is easy with some of the stuff like avocado and bananas, but less so with the things we actually have to cook. We’d completely forgotten we had a vegetable steamer basket. I’d even forgotten what some vegetables look like. Model of health right here. We’ll see how long this lasts before I just start throwing whatever we’re having for dinner that night into the food processor and feeding him that.

He’s going to love Taco Tuesdays.


24 thoughts on “& a half

  1. He’s just so darn cute, makes me miss my Doodle at that age! And I still don’t know what some vegetables look like, no one’s judging! 🙂

    • The faces when he tries them are the best part. I’m going to have to try getting a picture one day. When he stops going stone-faced as soon as the camera pops out.

  2. I agree with dorkdad. That picture just took the happiness meter through the roof. I also have to share with you that Gummy did the same thing with her rolling over. She was sitting up before she decided she wanted to. Then all of sudden during her 6th month, within two weeks mind you, she rolled front to back, back to front, got up on all fours, learned to sit from all fours, then started effing crawling. And pulling up on shit. I have a feeling this is a stunt that Felix is pulling. He’s got that same trouble-making twinkle in his eye that Ayden has.
    Our kids are not only going to college, they’re secret geniuses.

  3. Felix is just exactly like Max, 5 months behind. Giant head, super tall, enjoys piercing shrieks (he will get over that in a few months and start much more pleasant attempts at talking). Absolutely adorable– well done.

    • He’s already toned down some of the screaming and is making more syllabic sounds. He’s about half a consonant away from “Dada” right now.

    • It’s not too hard. It’s mostly just throwing stuff in a food processor. Although, I have been looking for a way to make him a souffle.

    • It always brightens my day to hear from parents farther along than I am to hear how all this stuff will never, ever, ever end. Ever. So optimistic.

    • He is. We briefly considered selling him for grocery money, but decided to just go with the store-brand mac & cheese instead of Kraft. It’s that kind of parenting trade-off that makes me a shoo-in for Father of the Year.

      • I’d vote for you. Sounds like your priorities are straight. I used to think that my parents birthed me for the sole purpose of emptying their dishwasher. Now that I know the real price of Kraft, a cleaning service would have been a better investment.

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