& he keeps on rollin

Earlier this week I made a pact with the Expletive Mommy to share videos of our kids’ rolling over, since Little A and Squatch are just a few days apart.

Seems she had some issues with her video and substituted some drawings instead. Yeah, same thing. Anywho, here’s Squatch rolling over like Justin Verlander*.

*Ooh, damn! Baseball burn!

I don’t remember an old lady showing up at our place, but you can apparently hear her at the very end there. Also, the dog wanted to make sure she was present for this historic occasion and stuck her schnozz right up in the camera there. Hope you like big dummy dog noses.

Not present in the video: the part where we make fun of how anti-climactic that was and his inability to roll back onto his front. He’s really a one-way roller at this point. He’s working on the return trip as we speak.


6 thoughts on “& he keeps on rollin

  1. Felix! OMG OMG OMG! He is just so cute I can’t handle it. Clearly, since I just yelled OMG. It seems like he was just born and now he’s rolling!

    • You’re telling me. I’m starting to worry about his impending mobility. This morning he almost made it from back to front. It’s going to happen, and there’s no way to stop it.

  2. I can’t keep doing this. I go to Jell’s page and yours and I make the “OMG!! He/She’s so CUTE!! Look at that!!!”

    And, I do it in a voice I don’t recognize. I am becoming a pseudo grandma!!

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