& the 25-cent tour

It’s official—nearly three months after moving into our new place and nearly four months after ripping Squatch from my wife’s belly, we’ve finally completed work on the Squatch Den. Here it is, in all its glory, captured on Karli’s nifty new iPhone with that neat-o panorama feature.

This is officially the nicest room in our house.

Not bad, I think. You’ll notice the print we made and the crib skirt we slaved over have managed to survive thus far. His borrowed pink Bumbo* is down on the floor by his crib. The shelves I made with my dad got some new paint that actually matched the room and have been hung up. The rocking chair that the in-laws hauled down to Oklahoma has made the return trip and found a nice home. We actually now live about 20 minutes from where we bought this. But thanks for driving 12 straight hours to deliver it anyway, Karli’s parents! Oh well—it’ll be a nice story for Squatch.

*Rockin it old school, no seat belt.

Karli bought that reindeer in the picture the other day to put in Squatch’s room. She thought it was a moose. Since this is my blog and she can’t say otherwise, it’s a reindeer. Neither answer goes to answer the question why she bought it for Squatch.

While we’re getting into the business of looking at things around the Squatch den, there are a few things I want to focus in on, mostly because I think they’re cool. That means you probably do, too, right?

Speaking of things we bought for Squatch with no apparent logic behind them—a little after Squatch was born, I ordered him this Brian Wilson doll. A couple days after I got it in the mail, Brian Wilson showed up to the ESPYs with a sasquatch himself. Symmetry. Thus began my indoctrination of Squatch as a Giants fan, and Brian Wilson will be my inroad into that fandom. The two are already linked together. Now I just have to wait till he’s old enough to sleep with the Brian Wilson doll in his crib. And convince Karli that’s not creepy.

We had to make a little adjustment to the crib between when Karli took the picture and me writing this post. Last night, I went into Squatch’s room since we heard him fussing on the baby monitor. I found him on his side, still in his swaddle, his legs sticking between two of the slats up to the thigh. It was simultaneously hilarious and terrifying. This morning we broke out the crib bumper, which is that white mesh dealy in the picture there. We also changed the sheets because he had a Big Gulp’s worth of pee in his diaper when we got up and another little puddle on his bed. That part he gets from his mother.

We added some artwork above his changing table, too. Both of them came from Invisible Creature, who does some pretty awesome work. They also include a bunch of other stuff like postcards and stickers and extra posters when you order things from them. We’ve gotten several other things for around our house from there, too. We bought the one on the left—it’s called “Snowballer”—sometime last fall, and Karli got me the one on the right—called “Leroy C. – Stomp”—for Christmas last year. Somehow, Squatch ended up with it instead. Still trying to figure out how that one shook down, but that mystery will likely have to remain unsolved. If you want a closer look at them (because they’re flipping fantastic), here you go:

Finally, we got this artwork off the Land of Nod site last year, too. This one is for obvious reasons. The natural-colored frame didn’t go with the rest of the room, so Karli had me go all Rolling Stones on it and paint it black. This was more difficult than it sounds because I’m terrible at stuff like that, but I think I managed to do a decent job without getting paint all over where it shouldn’t be.

That puts us right back by the door. If you’ll kindly see yourself out, Squatch needs to take a nap. Don’t let the doorknob hit you in the butt on the way out.


9 thoughts on “& the 25-cent tour

  1. Wee Cee’s room is for sure the nicest one in our apartment too. The Squatch Den looks great! The funniest thing is that C’s sleep sheep is hanging on the exact same corner of her crib as Squatch’s (and incidentally her crib looks super similar too). For I second I thought y’all had taken a pic of her room.

    • Ever since we started getting his stuff together, we’ve been leaving his room, looking around and saying, “What a dump.” Perspective, amiright?

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  3. I love those two prints you zoomed in on – super cute!

    And I have to admit, even though you guys came back to beat the Reds and this household is still angry about it…I LOVE the Brian Wilson doll. That dude is hilarious.

    • I don’t know that I fully understand where the Reds fan thing comes from, but I won’t hold it against you. The comeback against the Cardinals should hopefully have made up some of that ill will.

      Because, let’s face it, everybody wants to see the Cardinals get beaten, amiright?


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