& catching up

Just like that, I’ve got a six-week-old. And not just that, but I’ve got a new address and a new job. So you can forgive me for not being around as much as I had been. If you can’t forgive me, well then why are you reading this?

There’s a lot to cover in six weeks of baby-raisin’, but I’ll tackle those over a few posts. This is just a quickie to make sure that I haven’t completely lost everyone. I figured I’d entice you to stick with me by including a dose of adorable.

Not just adorable. Like Diaper-Box-and-Baby-Food-Jar adorable.

The biggest thing out of the first six weeks was the first of our prenatal plans to go bye-bye: Breastfeeding. We gave it the best shot we could, but when the kid was about four weeks old and under his birth weight, something obviously wasn’t working. After several late night meltdowns and hours-long feeding sessions, we made the change over to formula. I’d like to think that if there were actual resources and help available to us where we were living, it wouldn’t have gone down quite the same way. But things are what they are, and we ended up having to adjust on the fly. Parenting, yo.

Squatch before we decided to start feeding him.

Squatch almost a week after the switch and almost a pound heavier.

On the plus side, it means that we both end up getting a little more sleep because we can trade off feeding. We refuse to feel like this is a failure*. We tried. We did everything we could. We utilized every resource that was available to us in the middle-of-fracking-nowhere. And we decided we didn’t want our kid to starve.

*Suck it, militant breastfeeders. You can’t make us feel bad about this.

In the course of changing over, we ran across articles about a study that said breastfeeding doesn’t actually make any difference in brain development in kids. It said that links previously made between breastfeeding and brain development were probably due more to the fact that “brighter women” tended to breastfeed more often, and that “brighter women” tended to encourage intellectual development in their kids. I think Karli is a “bright woman,” so I’m thinking that Squatch isn’t going to miss out on college now just because we started giving him formula.

Sure, breastfeeding is best. Except for not starving your kid. That’s really best.

Now that I’ve got internet again, you can expect that birth story soon. Plus a post on diapers. And other good stuff to come out of the Squatch-rearing. For now, though, a reminder from Squatch to smile and be happy.


10 thoughts on “& catching up

  1. Omg, look at that sweet little guy! That smile of his is just melting me! C says he’s not too shabby too 😉 Glad y’all are doing well. Hurrah for formula! We refer to C’s pre-supplement days as her praying mantis phase because she looked like a wiry insect. Now she looks like a baby, which is good.

  2. Hooray. Thanks for dragging yourself back to the internet.

    Special love to Karli on this one. You can put up all the strong-front you want, but anyone can appreciate that no doubt she’s got some measure of heartbreak/disappointment.

    For what it’s worth, I stopped breast feeding at a month, and my Jewish mother has spent the last 38 years not letting me forget it.

    Looking at my mid-section these days and it’s pretty obvious that being under-fed was never my problem.



  3. “Bright woman” indeed, plus you’re kinda smart, too, Ande. Felix is astoundingly cute. When Sylvia sees something that is over-the-top-cute, she gives it two syllables: “cu-it!” Your kid is worthy of two syllables. Keep on being awesome parents.


  4. I had one child who breast fed, one who didn’t. I don’t see any difference between the two (aside from the obvious one is a boy one isn’t thing). My first thought on this post? OMG!! SIX WEEKS ALREADY???

    He’s beautiful. Just beautiful.

  5. Holy smokes!!! The cuteness!!! I am a militant breast feeder. Not wild about the title but I yam what I yam. But here’s the thing. I’m only militantly nursing MY kid. 🙂 Squatch is your son. (does that ever get old? Saying “my son”) so don’t sweat it. Smart parents. Smart baby. You feed yours and I’ll feed mine. Kumbaya and all that jazz. Who’s got beers? 😉

  6. I think you all are pretty kick ass parents, especially doing all of this midst of a barrage of newness… Mad love to my nephew. Miss y’all.

  7. You have to do what’s right for your baby. Breast feeding is good, sure, but so is having a baby who eats! All we can do is make the best decisions we can, and love our babies fiercely. You are doing a great job.

  8. I had a whole lot of issues to, and I had to stop early on, but my kid is almost three months now, and is the most adorable baby size: chunk!

  9. 1) Adorbs. Let’s get that out of the way.
    2) I was about to start harassing you because I was kind of checking a lot on updates from you, but I figured y’all had a good reason to stay away from the intertron.
    3) I’m glad you aren’t apologizing for finding your own way with your kid.


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