& the ultimate freak-down


Felix Faulkner Davis
Born June 28, 2012 at 2:37 a.m.
7 lbs., 5 oz.
20.7 inches
Grey eyes
Light brown peach fuzz
Too pretty for you to handle

Holy shit, you guys. I’m an actual dad!

Bonus stats: When Karli was in labor with him, the Giants swept the Dodgers to tie for the division lead for the first time this season. On the day he was born, the Giants shut out the Reds to take the division lead. Squatch is a good luck charm.

More details to follow. I’m going to hang out with my son now.

My son! That’s still weird to me.


21 thoughts on “& the ultimate freak-down

  1. ANDEEEEEEEEEE! that is so awesome, my friend. you are going to rawk the dad-life. that is one very lucky kid. and i have no doubt the world just got a superior, human being. enjoy it. congratulations and much love, sweet mother

    • I’m pretty sure it got the superiorest human being. Words cannot contain how awesome he is, so I’m not even going to try.

  2. Congratulations! They only get more fun every day!

    The big headline when my A was born was that they had caught Whitey Bulger. A’s uncle went and got a few copies of the paper for us to save, but we won’t be hanging those in his room!! Lol.

    Great name!

    • The real headline of the day when he was born was the SCOTUS healthcare ruling. That and the subsequent Facebook implosion.

  3. I just cried.

    Mazel tov. I loved the photo of your thumb next to his foot—really brings it all into perspective, doesn’t it?

    Welcome to this world, Felix. I hope we deserve to have you here.

    • Yeah, me too.

      It’s actually Karli’s thumb, so it’s a little bit of trickery there, but still. It’s a big one, right? I mean, look at his toes! He’ll be able to write his name with his foot.

      And at this moment, I’m just trying to deserve being his dad. We’ll work on the world deserving him later.

    • We get those reactions a lot. Yesterday a woman just stood there and stared at him for a couple minutes. Pretty sure we did something right.

      And it is an awesome name. Both of us have only really met one Felix before, both different people, both awesome dudes, and—strangely enough—both from Germany. So we went with it.

  4. I can’t believe you posted your announcement blog before me! I would say it’s because you’re a daddy blogger and being a mommy blogger is harder since, you know, labor and all, but the truth is I am just obnoxiously lazy.

    congrats again!!

    • Thanks. And that’s true. I’ve got the easy job. Plus, we didn’t go for days without power, either, so there’s that…

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