& the freak-down: semi-surrender

The Freak-Down

18 Days

I’ll admit it. I caved to peer pressure.

The tipping point was Dorkdaddy’s post yesterday. More specifically, his kid’s sure-to-be-badass Optimus Prime costume that he’s apparently only posting about on Facebook and which I have to be logged in to see. I don’t think I can miss that.

Thing is, Facebook has changed since I dumped her. Changed like she went onto one of those ultra-extreme plastic surgery reality shows. Now she’s got parts I don’t even know how to use. As a result, my page looks pretty sparse for the time being:

That bunny’s getting all kinds of stand-in work.

Yep, I just made a page for the blog. Didn’t go whole hog and reactivate my personal account. That’s a can of worms I just don’t want to go diving into. I’m sure I’ll make it look all purty at some point, but right now I just got too much going on to try fancying it up. I might try to do a little bloggy makeover after Squatch gets here and include it in that, but for now it’ll have to be kind of boring.

The sad thing is that, before I became a teacher, this was part of what I did for my job. Yeah, part of my job was to be one of those “social media experts.” I’m not going to lie—I didn’t care for that part of my job. I never really cared for Facebook. And now I’m paying the consequences for ditching. I look like your grandmother trying to “do the Facebook.”

You can still go like it because, as of this writing, nobody does and that’s just pathetic. I’ll start posting stuff there that’s not here just to make it worth your while. Lesson learned from the Dorkdaddy.


7 thoughts on “& the freak-down: semi-surrender

    • Well, I took an educated guess. It was either Optimus Prime or the homeless man who lived behind the grocery store when I was in elementary school. Simple deductive process told me that you didn’t know Cranky Joe. So Optimus it is.

    • Hey man, I contain multitudes.

      I take solace in my weakness by saying this isn’t my Facebook page. It’s my blog’s page. Shut up, it’s totally different.

    • There’s the appropriate level for a costume, then there’s too far. Guess which one this is. (Hint: He probably doesn’t have kids of his own. And until I see this “wife” he mentions, I’m skeptical.)

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