& the freak-down: eviction and expiration

The Freak-Down

38 Days

Today we made a trip to our favorite place on Earth for a little grocery shopping. Normally, that wouldn’t be much to talk about unless one of us goes a little crazy.

This time, though, there were a couple things that made it noteworthy—to me, at least. You didn’t think I was writing this for you, did you? First, Karli was having a little trouble walking the whole time. She kept having to hold her belly up and talking about how Squatch might fall out at any time. She told me “Now I understand why pregnant women stand like this all the time.” I was just afraid she might topple over because she’s starting to look a little front-heavy.

Second, we bought some milk. Not really that noteworthy, I know. Happens every week or so. But I happened to look at the expiration date on the carton:

Squatch is due July 8. That means we bought milk with an expiration date after Squatch is set to be here. Now we’ve picked up plenty of food that expires after Squatch is set to be born, and chances are that the milk will be long gone before that point.

But the thing is that this is milk—a highly perishable item—that won’t spoil till after my kid is supposed to be here. You know what means? Holy shit this is close, guys.

Just breathe, people. Breathe. We’ll be okay, I promise.


9 thoughts on “& the freak-down: eviction and expiration

    • It’s from Walmart. We got some of the Horizon organic milk and the Great Value chocolate milk (for the pregnant lady). Both of them have expiration dates in July. I think the cartons with the screw-off tops tend to last longer. Because “organic” is code for “supermilk.”

      • Nope, it’s in the 4L jugs with a plastic screw-top lid. But they also sell tetrapack milk, which spoils even faster than the jug milk. I don’t know what they have to do to make it last until July…irradiate it?

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