& the freak-down: preparation

The Freak-Down

40 Days

I took a few days off over Memorial Day weekend. Hope you weren’t too lost without me.

I should clarify—I took a few days off from the blog. I was, however, kept quite busy over the past few days.


Where’s the baby go in this thing?

Part of our tasks for the weekend included cleaning out the car and installing the car seat base. So, you know, tons of fun. With the move coming up, work on the Squatch Den is put on hold, but that car seat is going to be needed regardless.

It’s not the only preparation we underwent over the past week or so, either. Karli started getting her hospital bag together and making a checklist for when I do my “crazy dad heading to the hospital” impression so we don’t forget things.

This is all happening now—at 34 weeks—because Karli’s a planner. In a couple weeks, Squatch officially becomes full-term, which means shit can go down at any time. And if there’s one we’ve learned, it’s that you should do everything possible while it’s on your mind and physically able to do it. Because, eventually, pregnancy brain and pregnancy tired will win. Every. Single. Time.

Now if it were left up to me, the pregnancy bag would consist of Karli saying it’s time to go to the hospital, me grabbing a change of underwear, and us rushing out the door. Luckily, this part wasn’t left up to me.

For those people interested, or for those who stumbled here because you Googled this and clicked to the 12th page of results, here’s what Karli packed in our hospital bag:

    • Clothes†
    • For Karli:
      • Two pairs of pajama pants
      • Three pajama tops
      • Flip flops
      • Socks
      • Underthings
      • Jacket
      • Glasses
    • For me:
      • Shirts
      • Underwear
      • Pajama pants
    • For Squatch:
      • Coming-home outfits*
        *Multiple ones since we don’t know gender or size.
    • Water bottle
    • Nursing pillow
    • Phones†
    • iPad†
    • Chargers†
    • Bathroom bag w/ various travel-size toiletries
    • Karli’s purse†

†We’ll pack these when the fun starts.

We’re also taking along Squatch’s diaper bag with:

  • Onesie
  • Receiving Blanket
  • Wipes
  • Burp cloths
  • Socks
  • Diapers
  • Pacifiers
  • Mittens

Then, with both of us being photographers, of course we’ll take our camera bag:

  • Nikon D7000
  • Tamron 17-50 mm f/2.8 lens
  • Nikon 20 mm f/1.8 lens
  • Nikon SB400 Flash

So we’re pretty ready, I think. For a baby. For a Zombie Holocaust. For the next ice age. We’re ready.

In theory.


8 thoughts on “& the freak-down: preparation

  1. My cousin went into labor 2 weeks early and neither she nor her husband had packed their bags. I say good for you!

    And might I suggest for Karli some nursing tanks and bras from Target? Super reasonable and way nice for access while still at the hospital. I wouldn’t suggest getting too many fancy nursing bras for her until after the milk drops b/c you’d be surprised at how much things still expand…but the Target ones are nice because there is a great deal of spandex.

    I figured you’d be ok with an entirely nursing-related comment because you could get some major brownie (wait, boy scout?) points for suggesting this to your wife.

    • I think the nursing bras are among the underthings. I was trying to be genteel about it, but I guess this is a pregnancy/parenting blog, so it was kinda unnecessary.

    • Karli wanted me to ask you what brand you suggest. She’s had several people recommend them, but hasn’t been told a brand.

      I should get her on here so I don’t have to play the intermediary.

  2. Can I ask something without losing my Soon-To-Be-Parent Card? What the hell is a receiving blanket?! I have never figured it out. Is it for the baby to wear when receiving gifts & guests, royalty style? I’m so confused.

    • I actually don’t know. Two things I do know:

      1. It’s a blanket.
      2. If the despising glares from the humorless Babies R Us drones are to be believed, babies are not to be thrown and caught.

      My guess is that it’s just the official infant industry term for “baby blanket.”


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