& the freak-down: places, please

The Freak-Down

46 Days

All right, Bloggy-verse, what the hell are we supposed to be looking for in a place to live with a kid?

Karli and I are no strangers to moving or finding places to rent. We’ve done it several times already, with some mixed success. There have been some stinkers, sure. Not all of them, though. And we’ve gotten used to looking for the things we need. We don’t always get them, like with this place.

We’re used to looking for apartments with certain amenities because of the animals, but do you need to look for certain things because of a baby? When we’re looking at places, we have to make sure they take larger dogs because not all places do. But they’ll all take babies, right? I mean, rental places that don’t allow babies—that’s not a thing, is it? And we like to find places with a yard so that I don’t have to go out with Gordie every time she needs to shit. Especially now that I have one more living thing’s shit to take care of.

Obviously we need a certain number of rooms now that there will be another person living with us. That’s kind of a given. But what else should we be looking for here?

I’ve heard of people looking at the schools around the area. That’s not something I didn’t think we’d have to do because 1) it’s a rental and we’re not planning on being there long enough for Squatch to hit school, and 2) I don’t know the first thing about the schools there. So there’s that.

Tell me folks—is there stuff we’re supposed to be paying attention to with the baby and a rental place?


11 thoughts on “& the freak-down: places, please

  1. It totally depends. If you’re willing to move later to find a better school zone, the location isn’t that important yet. Rent something that has washer/dryer hook-ups. I would not like to have a new baby and no washer/dryer. They create obscene amounts of dirty laundry. A yard sounds important. If the place doesn’t want to rent to owners of large dogs, see if they will accept references (if yours is well-behaved!) and make an exception.

  2. the kid will require a lot of gear which generally requires multiple trips to the car so not a really long distance from front door to car is good. Also if you can avoid stairs that’s one less baby proofing issue.

  3. I like to be able to see my front door from where I park. This way when you have a zillion things in your car (groceries, etc) you can carry baby, drop ibaby off in front door, run back and forth to car. I also love it if there are no stairs to the front door so that you can after talking baby and dog for a walk roll baby in to the house in their stroller telling yourself that they are going to stay asleep for five minutes. Very occasionally they do. A tub, not just a shower so you can wash the wee one (although I am a huge fan of dragging baby in to the shower with me and the kitchen sink works for the first year or so.) If you think you might be there for a couple of years I like a low creep factor. This way when kiddo is three and you are constantly sitting outside while they dig around in the dirt you don;t have to talk to every nutjob that walks by. If you plan to have baby sleep in their room (ever) try and find a place that has the master and the rest of the bedrooms on the same floor. Since I have had kids I have had a master on a different floor and I always feel like my kids rooms’ are in Siberia. If you currently have a spare bedroom with a bed in it resist the urge to pitch it and make a spacious babies’ room. A crib and a spare bed in the same room is good stuff while transitioning baby in to their room. And you will have more visitors in the first three months of babies life than ever before in all likelihood. Might as well not have them sleeping in your living room. That’s all I got! 🙂

    • I can see why you wouldn’t go with the iBaby, though. It limits your carriers, is kind of expensive, and you’d feel like you need to upgrade when the new version comes out in a couple years. On the other hand, it makes you look super trendy.


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