& an unofficial first

Squatch might not be here yet, but I’m calling it. Today is Karli’s first Mother’s Day. She’s a lot closer to being a mom right now than I am to being a dad, since she’s carrying the parasite and I’m just watching the show and fetching things. It’s sort of like how a third-year law student is a lot closer to being a lawyer than someone who watches Law & Order.

So Happy First Mother’s Day, Karli!

Not only did I get her a Mother’s Day gift, but Squatch got her one, too. The baby, eager to get a head start on teasing and making mischief for its mother, got her this:

That little bugger has some pretty awesome wi-fi in there. I’ll be surprised if it wants to come out.

Also, I’d like to wish a very happy first Mother’s Day to all the new and soon-to-be mommies that I’ve met since starting this blog. Well, not met, really—more like “internet-met.” May your sleep be plentiful, may your bellies be calm, may your babies be smiling, and may your husbands change the diapers.


3 thoughts on “& an unofficial first

  1. Happiest of Almost Mother’s Day to Karli! I wish her a fast delivery, the chance to say at least one curse word while in labor (it feels so good!) and the lifelong love of that baby. You do love them forever and like them for always. As long as you live, your baby he’ll be.

  2. If you didn’t get her a Narwhal, I would have. Virtual, manly back-slap/chest-bump for you too. Best thing a dad can do for his kids is love their mother.

    -Dork Dad

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