& i’ll be helping with science homework

A little background before I get to the good stuff. Karli found this and thinks it’d be an awesome pal for Squatch. I think it would, too, but not for $44. But it is, in fact, adorable.
Which leads me to an actual conversation from our actual household, actually happening yesterday, actually:

Karli: What are narwhals from?

Me: You mean the ocean?

Karli: No, what movie were they in? Elf?

Me: Yeah, there was a narwhal in that.

Karli: They’re not real, right?

Me: ::Blank look::

Karli: Shut up.

According to Karli, this isn’t real, but only achieved through CGI. Or Bass Rankin-style claymation.


10 thoughts on “& i’ll be helping with science homework

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  4. Narwhals are my favorite animals! One of the worst dreams I ever had involved getting a chance to touch one, and then it being scared away just as I was about… to gently brush… its horn.

    • I’m pretty sure entire horror movie franchises have been built off nicer dreams than that. Swimming with the narwhals sounds like a good life goal, though.


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