& a major discovery

We went to Tulsa this past weekend in order to do some more baby shopping and get back to civilization for a little bit. While we were there, we had to stop off at Barnes & Noble, since it’s basically the closest bookstore to us. At least the closest one that has something I’d actually want to buy.

I mentioned before that we ended up with a ton of books from our Oklahoma baby shower, so Squatch will definitely not be shorted in that area. But Karli and I being who we are, we still buy books on a pretty regular basis. Mostly from online, like when I ordered the real (non-Cheerios edition) Mostly Monsterly, and decided to get the Knuffle Bunny Trilogy, too, because I couldn’t help myself.

This weekend we came home with another armload of books. We got The Story of Ferdinand and one about a truck and a few tactile ones that will probably be more fun when Squatch gets here than if I try reading to it through the belly. I went through the Golden Books rack trying to find The Saggy Baggy Elephant with no luck, but I did manage to come across one of the greatest discoveries ever:

These will go into what DJs call "heavy rotation."

Who knew Golden made books based on comics? They also had Iron Man, Captain America, and Thor at the bookstore, which I’ll probably have to go back for later.

These aren’t quite the same as a comic book, but they’ll be a good introduction since they’re more little-kid friendly and easier to read. Karli’s not quite as jazzed as I am—at least as far as I can tell by the eye rolls—but I can’t wait to sit down with Squatch and read these.

Speaking of pure, unadulterated awesome, I can’t believe I’ve forgotten for so long to share this bit of badassery here:

They're called "Squatchsies." You're looking at the future.

I bought the one on the right, and the two on the left were given to us at our Okie shower by potentially the Coolest Friend Ever. I don’t think I could stop laughing the rest of the day when we got those, so what else would you call her? Coolest. Friend. Ever.

Don’t fret, other friends. You’re still pretty damn awesome. But the bar got set.


4 thoughts on “& a major discovery

    • It’s a classic. Unfortunately, it’s apparently hard to come by on the Little Golden Books rack, unless it’s packaged with The Poky Little Puppy and the tugboat one. And we already have the puppy, so no duplicates. Why must that damn elephant be so elusive? Curses!


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