& he works hard for no money

It’s spring break, but we’ve been keeping busy. Aside from the shower (which I wasn’t there for), we’ve been making a little headway on projects while we’ve had access to some tools and/or people to help us out.

Karli worked a bunch on the quilt she’s making for Squatch, and made some decent progress before handing it over to my stepmom for piecing together and doing the actual quilting part. She also worked a little bit on some crib sheets with her mom.

Absolutely perfect. If you don't look at the color or the craftsmanship or the materials. But other than that--perfect.

I spent most of Saturday working on some shelves for the Squatch den. Why was I making shelves? Because I made one of the most common dad mistakes.

Karli saw shelves at Pottery Barn she liked for the Squatch den. She showed them to me online, and those things were $60-something apiece. I looked at them, checked out the pictures, then made my mistake.

“That’s a lot of money. I could make those for a lot less than that,” I said.

Before you could say “dee-eye-why,” Karli had a website pulled up with everything I’d need to know about how to make those shelves, then made plans with my stepmom for me to make them with my dad in his workshop when we were back here. She knew how many she wanted, what color she wanted them*, how big they needed to be, and where they were going to be hung.

*My dad and I looked around at all the paint chips at Lowe’s, found the perfect one, and Karli loved the color. Only the girl didn’t mix the paint quite right, and they came out more light blue than teal. Damn you, Lowe’s. I was so close to nailing this one.

It’s almost like it was planned—like she knew exactly how that was going to play out when she showed me the website. But that’s not possible, right?

. . .


. . .

. . .

So I may not be able to change a diaper blindfolded like a pro just yet, but if you need someone to tell you how to get your own Honey-Do list made up for you, I’m your man.

Don’t forget the giveaway!

A little reminder that I’m giving away a Sleep Sheep. If you want it, make sure to leave a comment on the original post by about 7 p.m. Central time on Sunday (March 25).

Don’t miss your shot! It’s better* than getting on the Price is Right!

*Not better than TPIR.


2 thoughts on “& he works hard for no money

  1. Well done!! Diapering is easy–you learn to do it in your sleep since you tend to be pretty much all asleep in the middle of the night and baby needs nursing and changing. You can’t do the first, but, you can do the second.

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