& hide-n-seek

Karli thinks this is funny. I’m starting to sense a conspiracy.

She’s at that point in the pregnancy where she can feel Squatch kicking a bunch. Both inside and outside when she has her hands on her stomach. She said that the other night she could even see the baby moving its leg or something from the outside. She’ll tell me that the baby’s going crazy in there. Like it’s Soul Train up in this uterus.

“Come here and feel this,” she’ll say.

So I toddle on over and put my hand on her stomach.


“Is it still kicking around and I just don’t have my hand in the right place?” I’ll ask.

“No, it’s not moving anymore.” Bummer. So I take my hand away and as soon as I do, she’ll say, “There it goes again.” I replace my hand.


I’ve gotten into the habit of reading to Squatch, too. Usually at night, when it’s pretty frisky and moving around in there, I’ll grab one of the few kids’ books we have and do some storytime. It’s my quality time. Karli likes it because as soon as I start talking, Squatch goes into silent mode. Basically, my presence is like Ambien.

I’ve come to the conclusion that Karli and Squatch have been plotting. They think it’s hilarious to hide when Dad comes in the room. This is their little form of entertainment.

So it begins.

Good god, what have I gotten myself into?


7 thoughts on “& hide-n-seek

  1. The SAME thing happens in our house! It’s frustrating to the hubby. Although, once the baby did kick him in the face, which I found completely hilarious.

    • That’s a good one, but we don’t have it. Which is strange, because Karli and I have graduated three times apiece and nobody ever got that for either of us. It’s like nobody knows the rules about graduation.

  2. We go through this little waltz nearly every day in our house too. Me being like, “BEBE’S AWAKE!!” and B coming over just when she’s settled down. Sometimes though when he speaks directly at my belly really up close he’ll get a rise out of her.

  3. This is, evidently, happening to all of us! My poor fiance misses all the crazy sweet dance moves that Baby L is practicing because every time he nears me, she calms. It also seems that as soon as he starts to snore, she’s ready to party. My brother-in-law, however, was able to get her to kick around a bit by singing Phil Collins. But I think that’s just because she can sense that I loathe Phil Collins. Maybe try singing, “Su-Su-Sudio”?

  4. It’s a plot. You’re all training the little fetuses to do that, aren’t you? I’m thisclose to uncovering a global conspiracy—I can feel it.


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