& up in the air

We’ve grown accustomed to this. The waiting period.

Not the waiting for a baby bit—that’s still slow-going. No, I mean the way we’ve lived for the last few years, since our last semester of grad school.

The “what will we be doing and where will that be this fall?” lifestyle.

The “everything is up in the air” lifestyle.

Only it’s a little different this year.

When we were getting ready to leave grad school, we were figuring out where Karli was going to law school and where I could get a job. It was exciting and taxing, and we ended up back in Topeka.

The next year, Karli decided to leave law school and I’d subsequently gotten into a doctorate program in Milwaukee. It was unfunded, so we were seeing if Karli got a job there before we took off. The economy in Milwaukee was in the crapper, so she didn’t, and we stayed. But we didn’t know that till about July, and we spent the summer at Karli’s grandma’s house. We were up in the air for a while before moving into the townhouse from hell.

Last year, we were ready to go. Our neighbors were assholes, the management at our apartment complex was a bunch of assholes, my boss was an asshole—I was convinced the whole world was assholes. Then I got a job teaching in the middle of nowhere and we jumped at it. Only—Karli was worried about her job situation. There was a job here that she was perfectly qualified for, and people with her qualifications aren’t exactly preponderant around here. But the job search for that position ran into some hiccups, and she got worried about having a job and enough money to live on down here. Luckily, her job she had in Kansas was awesome and let her telecommute part-time while living here. So for a while, even after accepting my position, we were kind of in flux, waiting for the future to happen. As you can tell, it all worked out, since I’m currently typing this from the bustling BFE laundromat. And Karli finally did get that job. Her first day was Halloween.

This year, things are a little different, though. We’re still up in the air, but not quite in the same way. I’ve got a job in my field, so I’m not searching the teaching job sites twenty times a day, looking for a way out. Our living situation blows, and we know it’s not working the way we want it, but it’s pretty nice living somewhere so cheap that we’ll be able to pay off our student loans way ahead of schedule.

Things are mostly up in the air because we’re not sure if things will be right for Squatch when it’s no longer taking up residence in Karli’s belly. We don’t know if our apartment is going to work, and if it doesn’t, where the best place for us to live will be. We’re still waiting to figure out a whole lot of things, and for that, we have to wait till we hear back about a bunch of other things.

The main difference this year: We know that, come July, Squatch will be here and our lives are going to change.

How that will be, we have no idea.

The waiting* really sucks sometimes.

*Actual waiting, not the blog. That actually never sucks.


2 thoughts on “& up in the air

  1. When I was born, my parents lived in a single-wide trailer with wild geese that I remember snapping at my brother and me as we walked along the long driveway. It wasn’t until I was 4 that we moved into a rental house and I knew what human neighbors were. So the moral of the story is that kids don’t know better, and there’s never a good time (financially) to have kids. Otherwise we’d be the smart people that lost genetic dominance to the dumb-dumbs in Idiocracy. (GREAT movie BTdubs.)

    • There are days where I’m certain we’ve already headed down that road in Idiocracy. We’re all doomed.

      I this up-in-the-air stuff might have a lot to do with how we’ve gotten accustomed to that lifestyle, and when this time of year rolls around, we get a little restless. I caught Karli chewing on a couch pillow the other day. Or it might have been the dog. I don’t know—I was eating cotton candy insulation out of a hole I kicked in the wall, so I might not have been paying much attention.


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