& a designing daddy

Just because I haven’t been around all week doesn’t mean I took a week off. I was just a little busy.

Next week, I’ll be heading off to a conference in Chicago, so I had to get some stuff done before I ditched town. Don’t worry bloggy-verse. I’m not leaving the pregnant lady all alone for five days. When I leave Wednesday, Karli’s mom is coming into town to spend some time with Karli and take over the preggo-watch.

Aside from my normal crazy teaching schedule, I had a bunch of grading I wanted to get done before leaving, then I also had a couple other projects to do. I figured I might as well show them off since I got this here blog and there’s not a huge audience who’s going to get to see these things.

First off, I figured I’d show you the poster we made for Squatch’s room as it actually looks.

And a couple weeks ago, we had a silent auction as a fund raiser for the Latimer County Arts Council. We made a variation on Squatch’s poster for that:

It made a few bucks for the organization, and we’ve had a couple other people ask us to make them some similar things, so it worked out.

The music teacher here has a concert coming up this Tuesday for the Arts Council, so I helped out with a poster for that, too:

I don’t think it turned out too bad. Then today, I finished up a poster for the reading I have coming up when my friends Matt and Leah come down in a couple weeks:

I’m on a roll. Who needs some more stuff designed? I think my next project might be a new site design for this place. We’ll see.

On another side note, I took some photos at the school’s baseball game today since Karli was feeling a little too pregnancy-ish today. And I had a friend join me.

Everyone thought it was a nice day for a ball game. In February.

So a busy week, but not a bad week. And come Wednesday, it’s off to Chicago. I’ve already been told that if I don’t bring back something for Karli and for Squatch, then I might as well just not come back.


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