& nearing the hilltop

Yeesh, that guy yesterday was a buzzkill, amiright? Let’s not invite him back again, ok?

Today is the last day of the first half of Squatch’s cooking time. Tomorrow, Karli will be at 20 weeks (even though Squatch is measuring at 21 weeks and change according to the ultrasound lady). So after today, we’ll be on the downhill slide.

Then life returns to normal, right?


Why are you laughing?

It’s kind of like college, where after your sophomore year, you become the experienced upperclassman. You know what you’re doing, where everything is, and the end seems in sight. Only with the pregnancy, none of those things are true.

Plus, Karli and I both took five years in undergrad, so let’s make sure that doesn’t happen. Bad comparison—we’ll stick with that uphill-downhill analogy.

So those of you who’ve crested that hill already—or have done this before—any advice for us as we begin our descent into parenthood?

That analogy sounds a lot more negative than it should.


3 thoughts on “& nearing the hilltop

  1. So many things, such a little space in which to type.

    1. Boundaries. Set them. Hold to them.
    2. Manners. They are not alone in the world. Nothing is more irritating than a child running free through a restaurant or where ever and you hear Mummy and Daddy, “Dearest! Don’t run! You may–oh, he didn’t mean to knock you over m’am.” Oh, Thank You cards remain de rigueur.
    3. No is no. Period. SO, pick those battles carefully. When I said consequence A would happen if the child choose Decision B, it happened. Nothing will change the “I run the world” attitude of a child in puberty (you might want to stock up on valium for that period) than living in a room that contains a mattress on the floor, three changes of clothes, no doors and nothing else.
    4. You are not their friend. Not until they are much older. Never. Nada. You can interact, enjoy, all the good stuff–in the end, you are the bearer of all things carrying the word, ‘No.’ Their friends are their height.
    5. Love them. Well, that’s not hard. Wallow in the complete bliss and delight of your child. Smell their skin, relish each coo, take photos. Your life has just changed, and, you have just taken on the responsibility of putting part of you into the future. How do you want them to represent you?

    I envy you. As much as I adore my two in their adulthood, I miss that little voice saying, “Mommy!” in tones of awe as they discover something new.

    Mazel tov.

    • I can foresee when Squatch gets to the phase of toddlerhood where “No!” becomes a favorite word, then we’re just there shouting “No!” at each other for about 15 minutes. This is actually gonna be one of my all-time favorite parenting moments. I can already tell.


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