& my valentine

Since I’m probably not setting any standards with flowers and chocolates this year, I figured maybe I’ll supplement that by diverting the direction of my blog for a day.

What I Love About My Wife

You don't let just anyone steal your french bread pizza.

She’s suffering the kicks and heartburn of my Sasquatch seed, but we’ve been together an awfully long time. There were a few reasons to keep her around before then, too. In no particular order:

She thinks I’m funny. And that’s nothing to sneeze at. Especially when I get a room full of blank stares three nights a week, so someone actually reacting to what I say is pretty nice. Even if she doesn’t always laugh or says something’s not funny, I know she’s giggling on the inside.

Her life seems to have a soundtrack, kinda like Zooey Deschanel on The New Girl. She sings everything. And it’s as cute as it sounds.

She's got style, too. Denim shirts, motherbitches!

She bakes, but she doesn’t really cook. Her baking is pretty awesome, though (like her rainbow cupcakes), and I like to cook, so it works. And to top it off, she likes my cooking.

She’s the responsible one in this relationship. She makes sure the bills are paid when most of the time I don’t even know where the checkbook is. She makes the appointments and takes care of the important stuff. All I gotta do is a sink of dishes every once in a while.

She’s a Cubs fan. Yeah, I know I made a big deal about that already because I’m a Giants fan. But the fact that I got her to like baseball is a small miracle in itself. And you gotta have a soft spot for someone who takes up the mantle of a perennial loser.

I asked her to move to the middle of nowhere, twice, to pursue this inane dream of trying to be a writer and teacher, and she agreed. I don’t care who you are—that’s love.

Yep. She's a cutie.

I’ve got a blog, where I post pictures of her on the internet,make fun of her, include (probably) inappropriate details of our personal life, and she hasn’t asked me to take it down. Yet.

We see eye-to-eye on a lot of things in life. Enough to keep the peace and live together, but not too many so things stay interesting. And we’ll still start an argument just for sport.

She hasn’t murdered our pets despite multiple threats to the contrary. (Easy there, ASPCA—she wouldn’t hurt either of them, and they can’t understand verbal threats to their well-being.) I’ve caught her saying some pretty loving things every once in a while, too.

She fell for a Sasquatch and puts up with his stinky ass everyday.

Plus, she’s a cyborg:

Come back from the future to save mankind.


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