& i need some help

All right, Bloggy-verse, I need some internet help, and The Google came up with a big fat nothing. This is where I turn to those of you in the Bay Area. Possibly all of California. Or if you just have some serious shopping skills that I lack.

I need something like this, please. Help. We can't let Squatch be subjected to the endless Cubs suffering.

Karli and I seem to have found ourselves in a little race. See, she wants to have some cute little outfit for Squatch to come home from the hospital in*. Now, she’s told me she’ll let me dress it up in SF Giants clothes if I can find some to fit. Meanwhile, she’s made some intimations of dressing the little womb nugget up in some Cubs gear. That would seriously put a wrench in my indoctrination procedure. WE CANNOT LET THIS HAPPEN, INTERNET.

*You might be wondering why we’re concerning ourselves with silly things like this so early. Well, we’re both looking at pretty sizable stacks of grading, and there’s not much to do in Wilburton, so…

If any of you know where I can get newborn-sized Giants clothes, you’d forever be my hero. Probably need to find 0-3 month clothes, too, just in case Squatch had a twin in there but absorbed it, Schrute-style, and is born extra girthy.

Girthy is so a word.

Hook me up with an email if you can lead me toward something. There might be a reward involved. Probably expired coupons for a free backrub. But I can see if I can find something.

15 thoughts on “& i need some help

    • eBay has been, actually, surprisingly unhelpful on that front. I expected better out of them. If they were a person, they’d be getting my disappointed head shake and condescending shoulder pat.

  1. In fact I recently had an identical conundrum re: onesies for the upcoming kid that nobody actually makes. I had to get crafty and turn it into a DIY project… which turned out better than I dreamed. I’ll email you the deets.

    -Dork Dad

    • I thought about that. My clothier skills are sadly lacking, though. My wife is the one who knows how to do that, and we don’t want that, as per her aforementioned allegiances.

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  4. My husband and I are locked in a longstanding A’s/Giants feud. It appears you are also on the wrong side. I can help you out with A’s gear, but refuse to sully my hands with black & orange. LET’S GO OAKLAND.

    Are you from here?

    • I’m originally from San Jose. My whole family is Giants fans, so it’s practically a birthright thing. Being in different leagues, I will also cheer for Oakland whenever they’re not playing the Giants, which pissed off some Minnesota friends when they went against the Twins in the playoffs a few years back.

      You going to keep your allegiance when the A’s finally get permission to move to San Jose? Does your East Bay loyalty allow that?

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