& non-baby baby art

We wanted to find some art to hang up in Squatch’s room. At first, we bought this print from Invisible Creature (an awesome art firm from whom we’ve also bought several more prints) because, well, obviously. It ended up not matching the colors that Karli wanted to use for the Squatch Den, so that poster instead has a prominent place in our living room.

We decided instead to make our own art, which we probably should’ve been planning on from the beginning. . .because we get paid (or have gotten paid) to do that kind of thing for a living. Renoir, we are not, but we’re not exactly fingerpainting over here. I was going to make it, and I had some ideas, but Karli had a concept she wanted me to do.

20120209-230836.jpgSo this is what a designer and font geek sticks in her baby’s nursery. It’s basically an “Anatomy of a Typeface” poster. Yes, we are that nerdy, and yes, we are perfectly aware that Squatch will not know what any of this means. But in the Sasquatch household, we start ’em early on the indoctrination process. (Notice the sheets Karli’s making in the picture, too. They’re orange, in case you were confused by my super-hip photo-taking.) Here’s a close-up view for the other fontheads out there—or the people looking for an excuse to ridicule us:


The Squatch Den is coming together nicely now, which seems a little early. But when you live in the middle of nowhere, you kind of have to get things when you can. That, and Karli needed the bed to know how to make the sheets right. Next is finding a frame for the other Invisible Creature print we bought that’ll go over the bookshelf so we can hang it. And the badass mobile I’m going to make.

I make us sound an awful lot like Martha Stewart. But we’re not. Sooooooo not.

Oh! And I forgot to tell the crib story, but the pictures reminded me. Well, maybe I’ll do that tomorrow. It’s not that awesome, but you’ll be subjected to it anyway.


6 thoughts on “& non-baby baby art

    • We’re pretty proud of it. I had grander ideas, but that’s what Karli wanted. Oh well—there’s always other posters. And other children.

    • I’ve got one of those Pinterest boards, too. You should come find me there, and that way our fetus can stalk your fetus we can share some ideas.

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