& better late than never

One of the things about blogging that I was unaware of when I started were these awards that start making their rounds. I’ve checked, and there’s no cash prize involved—yeah, I know—but it’s always nice to be recognized by others who do the same thing as you. And I’ve had a few start stacking up, so I figured I should probably address that because otherwise it’s just rude.

I’ll try returning to my madcap adventures tomorrow, or whenever the wireless internet returns here. You know, living where we do, without 3G signals of any kind, when the wireless goes down, we’re pretty much cut off from the world in our apartment. Kind of frightening and reassuring all at the same time.

But I digress.

All right, so I was given the “Tell Me About Yourself” award from Broken Condoms back in December. My first award! And it took me this long to say anything about it. Don’t judge.

So these awards have rules (but no cash prize…go figure), and the rules for this one are as follows:

1. To thank the person who gave you the award.

2. List 7 little-known facts about yourself.

3. Give props to 15 bloggers you dig!

I’m a rule-follower, so (out-of-order):

1. Thanks BC! Everyone, go read her blog. Give her some support because she’s growing her own womb raider without insurance(!!).

3. I’ll do this for all the awards, lumped together, at the end, so skip down there if you’re just looking for that stuff.

2. Seven little-known things about me:

a) I cook when the mood strikes me, and I’m not too bad, either. This isn’t a food blog, so I don’t post much about it, but maybe I’ll let you guys ogle my deep-dish pizza sometime.

b) I let the dogs out. True story.

c) For a time when I was a kid, I wanted to be an archaeologist, mostly—like many kids raised in the 80s—due to Indiana Jones. That phase wore off when my dad, who worked for the Kansas Historical Society at the time, introduced me to some archaeologists. Do you know how many wore fedoras and carried a bull whip? NONE! And nobody ever got chased by Nazis or Amazonian tribesmen. You can imagine my third-grade outrage. That was when I decided to be a writer instead. There are several more of us who go the fedora-and-bull-whip route.

d) I’m a Marvel guy when it comes to comic books, but I have an affinity for Batman and the Watchmen. The rest of those DC schlubs can go piss on a rock.

e) I’m frequently Ryan Gosling’s abdominal body double. Another true story. Ask my wife.

f) When I lived in Topeka, I was a hockey coach. It was a team of four- to six-year-olds, but it still counts. And it was some of the most fun I’ve ever had. Not exactly a little known fact, but maybe little-known to the internet, which is you guys.

g) The first Star Wars movie I saw, from beginning to end, was the last one when it was in theaters (and by that, I mean Episode III, because apparently George Lucas has a thing against counting). I went with my wife’s family and none of it made any sense to me. I’ve come to understand that this wasn’t only a problem among people like me who’d never seen them before, so that makes me feel a little better. Don’t worry Jedi-geeks, I saw the first two (and, by that, I mean Episodes IV and V—again, counting issues, Georgie) on a hockey road trip in December 2010, when one of my four-year-old players insisted I watch it with him. It was on one of those portable DVD players in the back seat of a car on I-35, so I didn’t hear a lot of it. They still didn’t make sense to me, but at least I know what a Boba Fett is now.

The next award I got was the “7×7 Award” from my aforementioned Sister from Another Mister, Emily at The Waiting. Then, subsequently, I received the same award from Kelly at Excitement on the Side. Both are North Carolinians, both are doing the baby thang, and both are must-reads for me every morning (or whenever they post). So thanks, Emily and Kelly!

The rules for this one are to nominate seven other blogs (see below) and list my seven favorite posts from this blog, which are as follows (in alphabetical order):

& a lesson in manhood: we’re past this already

& a manifesto: gender war

& i ain’t afraid of no baby

& i stop kidding myself

& playtime

& the grandparents know

& thoughts on names

The last award to note is the “ABC Award” from I’ll Sleep When They’re Grown. She’s newly pregnant for the second time, and seems to be having a pretty good time with that—and with life in general. ISWTG makes Austin sound like a pretty awesome, magical place, and even though it’s even further south of here, it doesn’t sound so bad a place to live. And her non-fetal kid is pretty damn adorable. Thanks, ISWTG!

For this one, I’m supposed to describe myself using the alphabet. Which I suppose is easier than numbers and seems like the only logical way to do it, but I’ll just use hers as an example and utilize words in alphabetical order:

Adorably Beast-like and Chunky, Dramamine-esque, Esoteric, Functional Gorilla, Half-awake, Impertinent, Jackalope-Knifing, Louse-Munching, Nonsensical, Optically-deficient, Pungent, Quotidian, Real-life Sasquatch, Trifling, Unsophisticated, Very Wonderful Xenophobe, Your Zebra.

There, that wasn’t so hard. And I’m supposed to list some blogs, too. I guess I’ll do that now. And since the first award wants me to do 15 of them, I’ll try for that and see how far I get. I don’t know that I read enough blogs for that. Or if I read anything that’s not already infinitely more popular than this rag. Oh well. Without further ado:

1) Dear #$&!% Baby—So this is one of my favorite blogs for a few reasons: a) She’s hilarious; b) her baby is blinged-out like a mofo in utero; c) she’s from Minnesota (though not there anymore), which makes me a little nostalgic for grad school and real winters; d) and she’s only about a week ahead of Karli in her pregnancy, so it’s like a preview of what life will be like for me in a few days. Thanks for the heads-up!

2) The Art of Manliness—I don’t know if this counts as a blog, but I need to hit my 15, so I’m gonna go ahead and add it, dammit. They’ve got great stuff on there, from why it’s good to roughhouse with your kids to how to field-dress a squirrel (don’t know if I’ll ever use that one, but it’s awesome that it’s there). One of my favorite things is Mark Twain’s Rescue Etiquette. Good stuff.

3) Dorkdaddy—The man who puts into practice every bit of nerd indoctrination I hope to perpetuate with my own kids. And a man who, after reading that I didn’t watch Star Wars until my late 20s, may never want anything to do with my little internet space again.

4) The Oatmeal—A hilarious web comic that doesn’t need my help to be successful.

5) I Asked for Wonder—One of my brilliant cousins who is now abroad in India. I’ll admit I have some slight jealousy issues going on when I read her blog, but she’s awesome, so it’s forgiven.

6) Life As I Know It—Another of my brilliant cousins who is recently married and going through all the same stuff Karli and I had going on almost nine years ago (has it been that long?!?).

7) Growing a Pair—A pretty awesome lady who we knew from our undergrad days when she was Student Activities Director at our school. Karli worked for her at one point. These days, she’s working on bringing up three awesome kids and telling the internet about it. And she’s super smart and funny as a mofo, even if she counts like George Lucas.

8) Lesbian Dad—Possibly the smartest person on the internet. I’m still doing the research on that.

9) Bay City Ball—Go Giants Go!

10) Bad Mommy Confessions—Don’t let the name fool you. She’s one of the best moms I know.

11) The Sassy Chicken—She just had a baby in January, and the post that she and her husband wrote about it was one of the best and funniest birth stories I think I’ve read. Do yourself a favor and read it, too. Somehow, I’ll try to channel her husband when we get that far.

12) The Next Martha—I linked to her Twitter page because that’s where all the goodness is, but she’s got a blog, The Martha Project, too.

13) The Daddy Complex—Lots of funny, funny stuff, and a series of web videos, too. WITH PUPPETS!

14) Becoming Cliche—Trying hard not to become her mother, which is like every other woman I think I’ve met. But it sure is fun to watch her try.

15) Southern Fried Chicken in Vegas—I never knew people actually lived in Vegas. I never could trust that CSI. But here’s living proof. SPOILER ALERT: It’s like living in a regular city.

I made it! I didn’t think I’d get to 15 blogs. Well, those of you I mentioned, if you want an award, pick the one you want and pass it on. I probably should’ve thought that through a little more…

6 thoughts on “& better late than never

  1. Thanks for putting me on the list even though I seem to be failing at blogging lately! I was going to be pissed if I didn’t make it. I may live in a “regular city”, but I know people that know people that will hunt you down. 🙂

    • I actually had to cut people to get it down to 15. You made the cut. Now call off Knuckles and Jimmy the Worm, please.


      • Oh yeah…in my attempt to make everything about me, like most pregnant women, I forgot to mention that you totally rocked that description of yourself! Awesome job!

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