& a helluva week

Nobody might’ve noticed, but I kinda disappeared for the week. I sat down to eat some Honey Nut Cheerios for breakfast on Tuesday, and all of a sudden it’s Sunday evening and I’m racing to the laundromat before it closes because I’ve been wearing the same damn undershirt for four days and I don’t have enough quarters, so I’m sorting through clothes in the parking lot to make sure I get the important ones. Yeah, one of those kinda weeks.

I guess what I can do is look back through my camera, Hangover-style, and see what the hell happened to me.

Despite being played in a television studio, no actual televising was done this round.

Tuesday, I had to take up my role as Academic Team coach and drive some students out to Oklahoma City for a competition. This was probably my first dad-like moment of the week. They lost, but I felt so proud of them because they did themselves proud and had fun and didn’t wet their pants. Just like a dad.

On the way back home, we stopped and ate at Chipotle, since there’s not one closer than two hours to where we live. I enjoyed it, but a couple of the students who hadn’t been there before didn’t like what they got on their burritos and bitched a little. That was probably dad-like moment number two.

In case you can't tell, we're playing typing chimps. Appropriate, no?

Wednesday, after spending all day grading then teaching in McAlester that evening, I had the final dress rehearsal for our play that I volunteered to be in. It started at almost 11 and didn’t finish till about 2 a.m. And that rehearsal was so. effing. bad. You can consider yourself lucky for not having been there. The actual performances weren’t bad—brilliant by comparison—but that rehearsal was an interstate pileup in slow motion with heavy casualties.

(Wednesday side note: At some point that evening, the wireless internet on our side of the campus went out and still hasn’t come back. I’m currently typing this on my iPhone at the laundromat. Forgive the mistakes and typos.)

After getting home and going to bed, I had to meet the theatre folks to head back to McAlester for a matinee show Thursday. We had to leave at 7 a.m. Then we rushed back for classes before another show that evening. Friday brought more classes and another show. It also brought dad-like moment number three: no sleep. I think I got a little taste of what life will be like in a few months. Woah.


Dork Daddy Approved!

Saturday, Karli just wanted to get out of town, so after sleeping till about 11 (we got in at a reasonable 1:30 a.m. the night before), and after learning the baseball game Karli was supposed to shoot at noon was rained out, we took off for Fort Smith—the nearest town with more people than the average Walmart. We spent the day shopping for baby stuff and maternity clothes. Highlight of the day #1: Finding a Batman onesie to complement the Captain America shirt I found the week before. Highlight #2: Cinnabon.

Another addendum to this week: My mom has found the blog (Hi, Mom!), not that I was hiding it or anything. I just don’t go around telling everyone to read my blog, although maybe I should, because just the fact that she found it and read it caused a spike in my readership that amounted to the single highest day on my blog. She also told me to lighten up, so I tried to make this a happy one. How’d I do?

Thanks for the bump, Mom!


6 thoughts on “& a helluva week

  1. Worth noting that your one-day record is slightly lower than mine, I submit that you consistently get more comments per post than I do.

    -Dork Dad (approved)

    • Noted and recorded. My single day record has risen thanks to Karli playing Facebook publicist for me, but it’s still well within double digit territory.


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