& some quickies

Some quick things since it’s been a hectic week. Plus, my dad and stepmom are in town visiting, so I don’t have a bunch of time. Plus-plus, I haven’t really come up with a full-length post for any of these.

Things you start to miss in a crappy apartment in the middle of nowhere:

  1. Washer and dryer
  2. Dishwasher
  3. Garbage disposal
  4. Chipotle
  5. An actual yard
  6. Storage space
  7. The stuff you had to get rid of because of a lack of storage space
  8. Real, non-linoleum flooring
  9. Real, non-fluorescent lighting
  10. Not feeling like you live in a mental hospital because of the lighting and flooring

These things kind of struck me this week as we cleaned the place for my parents’ arrival. Well, they strike me all the time, but they seemed especially glaring this week. Of course, it’s not all bad. There are some benefits to it:

  1. Cheap

Okay, so I’m still trying to come up with more, but at least I’m starting that list. I’m a glass-half-full kinda guy.

While my dad and stepmom are in town, we’re planning to go out and buy a crib. That means the Squatch Den is starting to come together more. We rented a storage unit and cleared the room out last week. Now it’s just a matter of filling it back up with some SquatchGear™. Still, I think it seems a lot more real to Karli at this point than it does to me. She’s starting to feel it move around a little (she says it feels like pop rocks in her stomach), but to me it still seems like this theoretical baby. I’m pretty sure that’ll change though. I have a feeling I’ll consider it a lot more than theoretical when it’s producing biological weapons out its ass.

Despite venting yesterday, Karli’s student still pisses me off. We’ll see how her class goes today. Especially after he got a 3% on their test Wednesday. I wasn’t lying about that idiot thing. Who fails a graphic design class?

Earlier this week, we did some 16-week “Bump pictures.” Yeah, I know. She just had me go snap some in the photo studio here at school before work in front of the crappy backdrop. I just had to share one of the test shots we did when we were setting up the lighting.

And just to be fair to Karli, since I put a picture of her up on the internet, here’s one of me from when she was testing lighting on a different day.


6 thoughts on “& some quickies

    • I’ll give you one, though—a small-town laundromat. I always have to make sure to pack my detergent, dryer sheets, Prozac, and quarters.

    • Aw, shucks. I must’ve done something wrong on that picture. Yeah…we’ll go with that. Too bad the internet is permanent and there’s no way I can go back and change that.

      And now I kinda wish I would’ve worked “adorbs” into my wedding vows. It’s a better idea than using, “Uh, hey, wanna get a burger afterward?” But it still sealed the deal, so whatever works, right?

      He didn’t cheat on the test. He cheated on an assignment. And got caught. Because he’s an idiot. I can’t remember if I included that part in the post or not. But just in case—he’s an idiot.


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