& one more where i talk about food

But the last one for now. I promise. Maybe.

So the text I get tonight from Karli:

Can you pick up a tomato and a couple of those boxes (I mean 4) of those pot stickers?

And there I was, at WalMart, getting armloads of pot stickers, when it was kinda obvious that I looked a little ridiculous. I need to keep a shirt in the car to put on before going into the grocery store. It’ll say:

My wife is pregnant. Quit staring at my junk food. Or I’ll punch you in the taint.

That should fix the funny looks, don’t you think?

On another note, the blog will be shut down for Wednesday (the 18th). Something about Sopapillas. Visit this to learn about it.


3 thoughts on “& one more where i talk about food

    • My wife says it’s probably crack. I think that’s ridiculous. There’s no way they’d be as cheap as they are if there was crack in them.

      They could probably stand to do some market research and figure out a new slogan. Something like “Stuff Your Fetus” or “Pot-Stick It to That Baby” oughta do the trick. They’d make a fortune in the preggo market.


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