& maybe we don’t need to be so connected

I’ve mentioned before that I’ve left Facebook behind. There were a lot of reasons behind that, and now I think I have to convince Karli to do the same.

Only with her, there’s really only one reason.

Since she’s become pregnant, it’s not uncommon for Karli to be across the room on her computer or her phone, then blurt out, “What if our baby looks like this?” Ok, it’s not that often, but occasionally. And it’s always the baby of someone we don’t know.

That seems to be her number one fear. Not autism or Downs syndrome or cystic fibrosis. Ugly.*

*This is exaggerating. She’s not actually worried about it at all. My wife is not superficial. Please don’t think that.

I can’t blame her. I know babies are supposed to be cute and all, but sometimes I see one and confuse it for a bulldog. That’s not healthy, I don’t think.

I calm her down by telling her we can make money in ugly baby contests. They have those, right?

If our baby looks like this, I'm totally asking everyone, "Isn't she just so beautiful?" for the sole purpose of seeing them scramble for a response.


2 thoughts on “& maybe we don’t need to be so connected

  1. I know this isn’t the ultimate point of the article, but it’s interesting to me how I’ve come down on the opposite side of the Twitter v. Facebook issue. I find Twitter a totally frenetic, ADD-esque mess, and only use it as a vehicle for my blog. Whereas (for me) Facebook seems to enable more emotionally satisfying connections. Purely as a point of interest, although I have more than double the Twitter followers, new blogpost hits from Facebook outnumber Twitter 50/1 (unless Adam Savage re-tweets your post. Then Twitter wins 50/1).

    There. I think that sufficiently derailed the ultimate point of your thread.

    -Dork Dad

    • I pretty much use my personal Twitter account for keeping track of publishers and magazines and writers anymore. I don’t think I’ve posted anything with it in a while. I have the one tied to this blog for daddy-related kinds of things as an attempt not to inundate my non-parental friends. I ditched Facebook (at the risk of sounding like a self-righteous douchenozzle) because it kept changing the layout and eventually I couldn’t get it to just do the things I wanted. I also started to feel less like someone being advertised to, and more like I was the product being peddled. So I left, and started making more effort to stay in touch with the people I actually wanted to stay in touch with.

      And how do I get Adam Savage to retweet my post? I think if Jamie retweets it, you’ve probably achieved anything you could possibly hope to achieve.


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