& i figured out righty-tighty

Today, instead of actually planning my classes like I should be doing, I played errand boy.

In addition to saving the day by helping my wife set up an FTP client for the website at work (which, in actuality, is slightly beyond my geek capacity), I went to Wal-Mart (ugh…) to pick up the dresser that had arrived. A few easy hours and a recharged power drill battery later, and voila:


This post exists solely to show off the floppy-as-hell bunny again.

The Squatch Den is starting to come together. We’re inching toward that “Just Add Baby” point.

*The wife would like me to point out to all of the internet that the curtains from my old office are not staying. The ugly tile we can’t do anything about.


2 thoughts on “& i figured out righty-tighty

  1. looks good! laughed at the little note at the end… it’s always a great thing to get that woman’s touch. imagine a baby room designed by a man? actually that might be pretty cool.


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