& now i’m nerding out

A little after Christmas, but not too far that my burps have stopped tasting like ham, so it’s still cool to talk about this.

My mother-in-law made stockings for Karli and me, and she plans to keep making them for Squatch and kids-yet-to-come. They’re all the same theme so they fit in together. Very cute. Very festive. Love them—sincerely, love them. But a part of me wishes that 1) I’d have thought of this 8 years ago when she was making them, and 2) Karli would go for this as a theme:

Click on the picture for the Etsy listing. She also makes some Star Wars ones if you’re into that, and someone else has Avengers (and Deadpool & Spiderman) stockings. I want a Nightcrawler one. Karli will take Mystique. If someone can come up with those, that’d be awesome.

This has nothing really to do with Squatch at all, other than maybe it’d be cool if the kid has superpowers. Can amniocentesis test for that?


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