& there’s the poo

Hey there, stylin

We’re going to have to start thinking about shit. I don’t mean “shit” as a synonym for “stuff.” I mean poo. I hear babies do that. A lot. And people keep telling me that taping your baby to a toilet is illegal. Yep, even if the toilet has wheels—I checked; way ahead of you there.

Ideally, we’d go with reusable diapers. They’re cheaper in the long run (especially when you’re planning on having more than one—baby, not poo), they’re environmentally better, they help temper skin problems (which we’re both susceptible to, so we’ll bet Squatch will be), they’re supposed to help with potty training, and they don’t have Elmo’s face plastered across the ass. Some of them are actually pretty cool looking. The hitch in that giddy-up is that our shitty apartment doesn’t have a washer and dryer. We have to spend about a pound-and-a-half in quarters every week at the laudromat as it is. I don’t want to think about how much time and money I’d spend there cleaning up poo-rags. It’s just not really economically feasible for us to go that route (I remind you that I’m a teacher and Karli’s a photographer—neither a career that will land us on the Fortune 500 list anytime soon).

“A-ha,” you say, “but there are things like gDiapers. No extra washing necessary. And environmentally friendly to boot.” And I say, “Good point, internet friend.” We like that you can just flush the poopy part, and that there’s both disposable inserts and cloth ones to make it easy to switch out. They’re kind of expensive at the top, though. We’re still looking into it, but who knows, maybe we’ll start with the good, cloth diapers after that newborn stage. Or we’ll throw those on the registry and see if there are any takers. Otherwise, we might have to go with the “whichever diaper is cheapest today” strategy, even if Squatch’s butt has to look like a Sesame Street bus ad.


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