& the grandparents know

I mentioned earlier that I started the blog a few days before I actually started the blog. You know what I mean. I wrote them ahead of time. And that’s because we had to tell our parents first. I figured I’d share how we did that because some people might like that.

Karli came up with a cute idea to tell her parents first and left me to figure out how to tell mine. I Googled things like “how to tell your parents your pregnant” and got a lot of teen help lines. Since she’s not knocked-up on the way to prom, those won’t work. I tried “creative ways to announce pregnancy” and a lot of those ideas were lame. So I just winged it. Maybe people Googling those now will find this and it might help. Or it might be lame.

Anyway, here’s how it went down.

The In-Laws

Karli’s parents like to sail. They have a boat they take out on the lake and Karli’s gone with them a few times. Due to what I believe is a perfectly rational fear of water, I refuse to step on board that death trap. But to each his own.

Anyway, back to the point, they like to sail. Squatch will be their first grandkid (which they’ve been asking for since we started walking back down the aisle eight-and-a-half years ago), so Karli thought it’d be cute to get them an infant life jacket and wrap it up. So that’s what we did. And in case they didn’t get her subtlety, we put a magazine called Eating Loving Your Grandbaby underneath it. I got the moment her mom realized it with the camera on my phone. The vest is on the table. My father-in-law is showed her the magazine and the light bulb went off:


And I might as well share the blurry one of her mom hugging her. (Note to self: Bring actual camera to birth. Otherwise Squatch’s arrival will make the Patterson-Gimlin film look downright realistic.)


So they’re excited. Her dad went out to the garage and got a tote of old baby clothes, then spent the rest of the evening looking on the internet at how to build a pirate ship playhouse and a mini-train that will go around the backyard.

My Mom

My brother already has a couple sons and a stepson, so this isn’t my mom’s first rodeo. We had to figure out something different, because if we went with something along the same lines as we did for Karli’s parents, she’d probably spend a bunch of time figuring out why we were giving a present for our nephews to her.

Instead, we got a picture frame with space for three photos in it. In two of them we put pictures of my brother’s kids. In the middle one, we put the Squatch sonogram. My nephews helped her open it and she was pointing them out in the pictures, then she got to the middle one, trying to figure out what it was. Then it hit her and she looked at Karli, a little shocked, her eyes tearing up, and hugged her. It was great. You should’ve seen it. Too bad I’m not very quick on that iPhone camera, so all I got was my mom showing my nephew his new cousin:


On a side note, Karli seems to be getting all the hugs. I did get a high five from one of our friends, though. And she hasn’t gotten any of those. Neener. Neener. Neener.

My Dad and Stepmom

My dad and stepmom have a bunch of grandkids already, too—my brother’s kids, plus my stepbrothers have a few—so we thought a little differently with them, too.

We met them out for lunch, and sometime in the middle, Karli showed them the Christmas cards she had to design for the school. She just so happened to have pictures of them on her phone, and the Squatch-o-gram was stuck in amongst them. They flipped to the next picture, stared at Squatch for a second, then realized what they were looking at:


And there were our creative ways to tell the family. Everyone else just gets the plain old “Karli’s pregnant” schtick, or if they hear it from our folks, it’s “I’m going to be a grandparent.” Same result, different methods. Tomato, potato.


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